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Overcrowd is an isometric pausable real-time strategy/management sim. Set on the notoriously busy London Underground, you must build and run stations from the suburbs to the inner city. The aim? To keep your commuters happy and the crowds flowing.

This game is currently in development and will be available on Steam Early Access in Spring 2018.


The goal of Overcrowd is to build and run stations, working your way from the outer zones of the tube map towards the inner city and biggest station of all.

Each station is a unique challenge with its own objectives and constraints. Stations have a limited play area.

Entrances and tracks must be built in specific locations over four levels. Indestructible rock and limited budget make designing your station a spacial puzzle.

Completing a challenge unlocks more stations, staff and better tech.

The game will have a sandbox mode too, but for Early Access the campaign will be the focus.


You’ll need to make efficent use of infrastructure, facilities and commerce to design your station. Leave enough floor space to avoid overcrowding.

Control the flow of commuters with configurable entrances, stairs and turnstiles.

Choose from an array of bins, plants and utilities to keep you station tidy and commuters happy.


Commuters respond to the station environment around them. Keep them happy and you earn your station rep.

But let them encounter too much dirt, delays and overcrowding and they’ll enter a physical and mental decline.

Push them too far and they’re liable to start fighting or puking. To be avoided.


Assemble a crack team, tool them up and set them to work. Each staff member has skills and attributes which can be levelled up or improved through practice.

Mopping, healing and security is hard work. Don’t forget to reward them with a well earned rest in the staff room.



Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up will be available on Steam as an Early Access title after being voted through the Greenlight process.